My name is Matthew Redding. I am a photographer living in St Albans and providing wedding photography in London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.


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Why so cheap?

Photography is not my main job. I offer a professional service, but my aim is to pay for my (expensive) camera kit, not to earn a living. I will only shoot 3-4 weddings a year by choice. That means I can put a lot of time and effort into each one of them.

MWR Photography Wedding Service

I would always try to meet you before the day to discuss what you want and what I can offer.

On the day, I would usually shoot for about 8 hours (from the bride getting ready to the first dance and start of the party). I'm discrete and will ensure that you get great images without overwhelming your day with photography.

After your honeymoon, I will provide you with high resolution .jpgs of all the photos I take - usually 500+, which you can print yourself or I can help you print. I'll carry out any basic corrections required on all of these (exposure, fill, colour correction). This is usually too many for people to choose from easily, so I will also recommend a selection of what I think are technically the best photos to help you decide what to print.

Extra Services

Taking the photos is only half the job. The images may look good, but to get the very best out of them they need to be post-processed in the digital darkroom. I have the software and skills to do this. However, because it can take a long time to get an image right, this is an extra that I recommend for your favourite images (not all of them!).

I can offer printing on high quality paper using bespoke settings and wedding albums from exclusive manufacturers. Traditional albums (including beautiful solid wood covered albums) by Jorgensen are works of art in themselves. Modern albums are often printed in hard cover book style.


My main camera is a professional Canon 5D MkII body. I use Canon's top of the range "L" lenses (my favourite is the perfect portrait lens: my 85mm f1.2) and speedlite 580EX flashgun.

I have a backup body (just in case) and strobes/softboxes by professional's choice, Elinchrom.

I shoot using RAW and process using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom.